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Stewing hens, which have spent the last 2 years laying eggs, so they are flavorful, with strong bones. Our stewing hens weigh 2 pounds each. Because of their diet and exercise, our birds are lean animals. You shouldn't expect an abundance of meat on these birds, as they are best used making a nutritious stock or broth!

Because stewing hens have a longer time on earth than their cousins, the broilers, their meat has a much different profile. First, they are much more lean since they’ve been chasing bugs for two years, and they have a much richer, golden fat from years of pasture. What this means is that roasting a laying hen like a normal broiler chicken will have disastrous results, but slow cooking a stewing hen and making soup or stock will result in the best chicken soup you’ve ever had with the most beautiful and delicious golden broth you’ve ever seen

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