About Us

Bringing Non-GMO Feeds to Tennessee

Our journey to non-GMO feeds started when we looked into what we were feeding our family through our animals.  As we researched the feeds we were feeding, we noticed that almost everything was GMO.


After researching GMOs, we realized that GMOs do not support sustainable farming; they are bad for the environment and future generations. So we looked into buying non-GMO feeds in Tennessee. None could be found without paying a very expensive price for them; not including the shipping.


So John started researching and talking to farmer friends about making our own feed.

He then educated himself in how to mix the ingredients to provide the proper nutrition for each animal. We began feeding our feed to our meat birds and were very satisfied with the outcome. Not only is the feed fresher than what you buy at your local farm supply, it’s totally non-GMO, therefore making it healthier for you and your animals.