Bulk Beef Package - 1/2

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Product Details
USDA Grass Fed/Finished
½ Beef - $1652.00
35 lb steaks
25 lb roasts
12.5 lb stew meat
12.5 lb tenderized round steak
115 lb ground beef
Total weight of ½ Beef Package = apx. 200 lb
Retail price for this package would be $1824 for a savings of $152, or $.86 per lb.
*Steaks will include an assortment of T-bone, Ribeye, Filet Mignon & Sirloin.
*Roasts will include an assortment of Chuck, Round & Rump.
*All processing costs are included in the price of this product.
*We will get your individual cut weights as close as possible; the quoted weights are apx.
Raised by our good friend Sam Kennedy of Glendale Farm. This Southpole beef has never been fed grain, antibiotics or hormones, and was fed on plenteous grasses in Maury County!

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