Non-GMO Multispecies Feed BULK/BARRELS

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Our Non-GMO Multispecies Feed is perfect for cattle. From Cows to goats and sheep, this multi-purpose feed suits the needs of many animals. At apx. 14% protein (we make no guarantees on protein content) it will fill in what's missing in your animals diet!

Ingredients are: Ingredients: Non-gmo Corn, Non-GMO Roasted soybeans, Expeller pressed Non-gmo soybean meal, Oats, Non-gmo Alfalfa Hay, Fertrell Dairy #3 (great for milk cows & goats) or , Fertrell Graziers Choice Mineral & liquid molasses. (This feed can also be used as beef grower/finisher.)

When placing order for this feed, please specify what you'll be feeding so we can make the proper ration.

**If you wish to buy a barrel or ton of corn or feed, you will need to either bring a barrel(s) to fill or purchase a barrel(s) from us. One TON of feed requires 6 barrels. Then when you come for more feed, you can just swap barrels!

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