Pastured Non-GMO Eggs - 1 dz.

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Delicious, beautiful, pastured Non-GMO Eggs! Compare the yellow of these eggs to those from the store and you'll see the nutritional difference!

Why choose Pastured eggs over Conventional eggs?

Pasture-raised (pastured) is widely considered the “gold standard” for raising premium chicken and eggs. Our pasture-raised chickens roam freely outside all of the time and their mobile coops are moved to new pastures on a regular basis allowing our chickens access to fresh forage, worms, bugs, seeds, and anything else they are naturally inclined to eat.

Studies show pasture-raised eggs contain up to 6 times the Vitamin D, seven times the beta-carotene, increased Omega-3, and decreased cholesterol and fat. (source and source) Regular, free-range movement creates healthier chickens eliminating the need of antibiotics or medications and improves the pasture and soil quality by naturally spreading manure.

Our chickens are fed a ration of our own non-gmo chicken feed which is better for the land, the animals, and the consumer, but the majority of their nutrition comes from the pasture.

We do appreciate returned egg cartons!

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