Pastured Non-GMO Eggs - 1 dz.

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Delicious, beautiful Pastured Non-GMO Eggs! Compare the yellow of these eggs to those from the store and you'll see the nutritional difference!

We do appreciate returned egg cartons!

Why choose Pastured eggs over Conventional eggs?

Pastured eggs have more vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids than conventional eggs. The reason for this increase in vitamins comes from the fact that unlike Conventional raised chickens, Pastured chickens are able to eat a variety of vegetation along with insects. Below is a breakdown of just a few nutritional benefits that come with pastured eggs compared to conventional eggs.

Vitamin A (A fat soluble vitamin* which helps maintain healthy skin, teeth, soft and skeletal tissue, and mucus membranes. It also acts as an antioxidant and helps stimulate gastric juices for protein digestion):

Conventional: 487 IU
Pastured avg: 792 IU

Vitamin D (A fat soluble vitamin that is required to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which is necessary for healthy bones and teeth.):

Conventional: 34 IU
Pastured avg: 136 - 204 IU

Vitamin E (A fat soluble vitamin necessary for circulation and tissue repair. An antioxidant that works alongside selenium and zinc to help prevent cancer and Cardiovascular disease):

Conventional: 0.97 mg
Pastured avg: 3.73 mg

Beta-carotene (Gives the yolks there bright orange color and an antioxidant which our body makes into vitamin A):

Conventional: 10 mcg
Pastured avg: 79 mcg

Omega-3 fatty acids (An essential fat that our bodies cannot make therefore must be acquired through food.):

Conventional: 0.22 g
Pastured avg: 0.66 g

*fat soluble vitamins are vitamins that need fats to be dissolved.
This information was taken from and Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon.

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